Yellow Springs, Ohio 12-19-22 — Antioch College has been awarded $495,000 as part of the FY23 Choose Ohio First (COF) Program. Over the next five years, these competitive scholarship funds will be awarded to Ohio students studying in the areas of Biomedical Science and Environmental Science at Antioch College, as part of the State of Ohio’s commitment “to strengthen the state’s workforce in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).”

On December 12, 2022, the Ohio Department of Higher Education and the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation announced that the State Controlling Board had approved a total of $27,977,390 to support an estimated 3,400 students over the next five years as part of the COF program. These awards are “part of a focused strategy to increase enrollment and completion in STEM fields to strengthen Ohio’s talent pipeline in STEM occupations and related industries.”

Antioch College is excited to join the 45 institutions participating in the Choose Ohio First (COF) program. Antioch College President Jane Fernandes stated, “Participation in the COF program is an honor for the College and marks an important step towards making college more accessible. We understand that STEM fields in particular have some of the largest barriers to entry and access, especially for underrepresented and low-income individuals, and we are excited about using these funds to extend Antioch College’s longstanding commitment to educational access.”

In addition to scholarship funding, Antioch College’s COF students will engage in unique, work-based learning opportunities as part of Antioch’s signature cooperative education program. All Antioch students spend up to one third of their academic program—a minimum of three academic terms—engaged in the College’s longstanding cooperative education (co-op) program.

More information about the Choose Ohio First program is available on the Ohio Department of Higher Education website:

Students and families who are interested in learning more about Antioch College and how to apply can visit: