Christ Entered My Heart

By Matthew Haflett

I’ve seen darkness driven away

Choked out by a glorious light

I’ve heard a whisper in the dark

Telling me there’s no more need to fight

I’ve seen chains of burden released

Watched them be pulled away and broken

I melted at the words of my Savior

As the first of many I love you’s was spoken

It was the last day I knew loneliness

Ill never feel its loss and emptiness again

That space is now filled with the love of my Father

With the Spirit of God, my Jesus, my friend

I felt tears of pain turn to those of joy

I was free now that I had been found

A broken sinner had been redeemed

That night that his knees hit holy ground

I heard the angels singing

A prodigal son had come home

I felt royal blood pump through my veins

As Jesus began to heal a heart of stone

I was alone in a dark room

But God’s glory shone like the sun at mid day

The night that a new creation was born

And the old had passed away

He’s done miracle upon miracle

From healing the blind to calming the sea

But the one that stands out the most

Is the day that He rescued me

Yes, I’ve read about them all

I’ve heard of how

He made the waters part

But nothing will ever come close

To the day that

Christ entered my heart