Utilities Department to begin repairs to Northridge Water Tank

Clark County Utilities Department customers in the Northridge water district may notice a change in water pressure over the next few months due to repairs being made at the Northridge Water Tank.
The exterior and the interior of the Northridge Water Tank are being repaired and repainted as part of a $700,000 project expected to begin next week. The Water Tank is expected to be out of service for about eight weeks.
“The water tank is approaching 20 years old and needs necessary repairs and repainting to maintain the tank,” said Clark County Utilities Director Chuck Bauer.
As part of the project, the Northridge Water Tank will be drained. Water pressure to Northridge customers will be provided by direct pumping instead of from the Water Tank. Customers will likely notice a change of pressure while the tank is out of service and being repaired.
The Utilities Department has already installed a new dedicated standby generator to run the water pumping station in case of a power outage. Temporary water pressure tanks will also be installed in Northridge to reduce the likelihood of an interruption of water service during the project.
The new coating system is expected to last for more than 20 years, Bauer said.