Empowering Woman – One By One Award Winner Sought!

The Springfield City Federation of Women’s Clubs presents an award each year to an outstanding woman of the Clark County community who is nominated and chosen as the Empowering Woman – One By One Award Winner, according to Marianne L. Nave, Empowering Women Coordinator.

Do you know a woman who goes a step beyond, when it comes to doing her job or accomplishing a task? Is she motivated to go ahead when others lag behind or able to get things done when others are unable to accept the same challenges? Does she always come up with a winning idea for a special project or activity? Who do you know that fits this description? This woman is empowered!

Nomination forms are available for 2017 award nominees through the Springfield City Federation members, however nominees are not required to belong to any specific club or organization, Ms. Nave said. Any outstanding woman of the area could be selected from the nominations received before the March 31st deadline. Contact: Marianne L. Nave – (937) 323-5865 or email marianneLnave@yahoo.com

This award will be presented at a public meeting in Springfield on June 10, 2017 in the Woman’s Town Club.
Applications should be sent to Empowering Women – One By One Award Committee, c/o 3520 Rocky Point Road, Springfield, OH 45502-9745 as soon as possible.

Rules for the competition follow:
Applicant/nominees are not required to belong to any specific club or organization including the Springfield City Federation of Women’s Clubs or any of its member clubs.

An applicant might be an outstanding professional woman, volunteer within her church or other community organizations or activities.

Sponsors can nominate more than one individual for this award.

Each application must include the applicant’s name, address. city, zip and telephone number. An e-mail address and photo should be provided, if available.

Each application should include one or two letters sponsoring this woman and describing her volunteer activities or professional accomplishments in the Clark County area.

Applications should include any additional printed information necessary to show this woman’s volunteer efforts and accomplishments.

There is no fee to submit a nominee; all applications received will be given consideration.

Applications should include the name of the nominator, club or organization sponsoring the nominee if appplicable, with address, city, zip telephone and other contact information such as cell phone or e-mail.

All applications must be received no later than March 31 to be considered this year.