Minerals: The Vital Key To Your Health

By Brent Miesse, Master Herbalist, ND


“You can trace every sickness, disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”-Dr. Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel prizes.

Let me explain why daily mineral intake is so important. The body cannot make its own minerals; they must be acquired from our food or from supplements. When we consider our poor soil conditions and the lack of crop rotation in our present society along with herbicides and other chemicals, we have very little chance of supplying the minerals we need through our food and diets.

Minerals are essential to aid in transmission of nerve impulses in the brain. They are required for the growth and structure of healthy bones and teeth.

Minerals work with vitamins to perform essential bio-chemical reactions in the body. They also help detoxify acidic metabolic by-products and prepare them for elimination.

Minerals help in transporting glucose from the blood into the cells, providing them with energy and they help synthesize important proteins. It is crucial to the fluid balance of the body to keep an ample supply of mineral in our daily diet. They also help stop muscle contractions and regulate blood pressure. One other impressive fact is that they are calming and soothing to our entire nervous system.

Ionic trace minerals are charged and do not need to be broken down further before absorption. When minerals are ionic charged they are easily and quickly absorbed and taken into the cells that line the intestinal tract, whereby they may be readily employed in the body’s many physiologic activities. Ionic minerals also play an important role in supporting a healthy pH balance.

Fulvic acid provides a broad spectrum of trace minerals that are easily absorbed and help with the absorption of minerals. It also scavenges free radicals, supplies electrolytes and helps rebuild the immune system.

We were not developed in a chemical test tube but we were made from the dust of the earth and for this reason alone, the need for good ionic minerals will always be the first stop in our quest for better health. Minerals are God’s Natural Alternative.