Clark County Law Enforcement Advisory Team announces 2020-21 membership roster

The Clark County Law Enforcement Advisory Team has added 12 residents from across the community to serve as part of its 2020-21 membership roster.

The Clark County Law Enforcement Advisory Team (CCLEAT) was established in July 2020 to work with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, to give minorities and all community members a stronger voice in the law enforcement standards of our community, and to ensure that Clark County, Ohio is a community where all residents have safe and equal protection under the law.

“As Sheriff, I strongly support community policing and partnering with others,” said Clark County Sheriff Deb Burchett. “In 2017, the Sheriff’s Office began inviting community stakeholders to review and provide input about our policy, procedure and forms. The Clark County Law Enforcement Advisory Team (CCLEAT) is an additional part of our current community policing efforts. They can provide regular feedback on community perceptions, identify needed improvements, help to strengthen community trust and encourage communication among everyone in Clark County.”

The membership roster includes:

  • Samina Ahmed, Springfield
  • Pat Banaszak, Bethel Twp.
  • Adam Banks, Springfield
  • Melanie Flax Wilt, Clark County Commission
  • Maria Goeser, German Twp.
  • Truman and Ashley Harris, Springfield
  • Janea Ivory, German Twp.
  • Jeff Meyer, Clark Co. Sheriff’s Office
  • Karlos Marshall, Springfield
  • Carl Ruby, Green Twp.
  • Monserrate Salas, Springfield

Clark County Assistant County Administrator Michelle Noble will serve in a non-voting, administrative role.

The CCLEAT seeks to improve relationships between minorities and law enforcement, improve law enforcement policies and provide a forum for law enforcement and minority communities to learn from one another in Clark County.

“Every resident of our county deserves to feel safe and protected by law enforcement regardless of their background, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation,” said Clark County Commissioner Melanie Flax Wilt. “The advisory team members represent a wide range of diverse perspectives and experiences that will help us better prepare to respond to the complete needs of the community.”

For more information, call 937-521-2005.