Doing Together What We Can’t Do Alone!

Our club is involved in a variety of projects that involve fundraising, community service, and assisting children locally and worldwide.  Below are the projects in which we are currently involved:

February and March Terrific Kids Program presented two months of Students.  Shown below in the back are Teachers Susan Hillman, Teacher of 1st Grade Kenwood Elementary and Kim Skates, Teacher of 5rh Grade Kenwood Elementary.    Part of the Criteria for selection as a Terrific Student at Kenwood is how well the students meet the Word of the Month.  For February this was Inclusiveness and for March this was Friendliness.  The 1st Grade student for February is Tasia Weems & for March is Johnny Vasquez-Perez both from Mrs. Hillman’s Class & the March student is Kaitlynn Riley for Friendliness & February Student is Asia Schofield for Inclusiveness pictured in this order.  Each student received a Plaque from Springfield Kiwanis honoring them for their selection as a Terrific Kid.