Promise zone community chest to help cover participation costs for local youth

What interests the children in your life?

Perhaps science and technology fascinate your nephew; your granddaughter enjoys playing team sports; your neighbor’s son wants to be a drummer, and you know all too well from hearing him practice next door!

All children have interests; however, not all children have an equal opportunity to pursue them. It is a heartbreaking fact that not all families can afford to pay participation fees or cover the costs of equipment or gear for clubs, sports or classes.

Does this mean the children of lower-income or single parent families are less deserving of opportunities to explore the world, to follow their dreams or to discover their passions? Absolutely not!

As a result, Springfield Promise Neighborhood, a local nonprofit dedicated to the success of all children, has begun a Promise Zone Community Chest.

Announced April 6 during the organization’s annual Visioning Dinner event, the Community Chest will assist Springfield Promise Zone families by granting scholarships for costs and fees related to extended-learning activities for youth.

The Promise Zone is a geographical area made up of four of the lowest income neighborhoods in Springfield: those surrounding Kenwood, Lincoln, Perrin Woods and Fulton Elementary schools.

The United States Department of Agriculture defines Promise Zones as communities high in poverty that have partnered with community leaders and the federal government to improve education and economic activity, while reducing violent crime and addressing other community priorities.

The funds collected through the Promise Zone Community Chest will be held by Springfield Promise Neighborhood and managed by community residents. But without the support of like-minded individuals who believe in caring for all children, it will not flourish.

Will you contribute a small amount, five or ten dollars, to our cause? Just as importantly, we also ask that you spread the word about the Community Chest by telling five friends, family members or colleagues about this opportunity to give. Ask that they donate a small sum and continue to spread the word.

Together, we will form a web of hope and promise that will benefit our biggest asset, our future, our children.

To learn more about the Promise Zone Community Chest and to make a donation, please visit our page: Springfield Promise Neighborhood will also accept donations by check, made payable to Springfield Promise Neighborhood, PO Box 145 Springfield, OH 45501.