Trivia Challenge

David M. Smiddy
Clark County Literacy Coalition
Do you know the answer to this question: “Alfred the Great was born in which Oxfordshire town?
How about this one: What is the capital of Indonesia?”
Those were the first and the last questions of Warder Literacy Center’s Trivia night last February.  Several teams competed through 4 rounds of 15 question each round.  At the end of the night, only one team was the clear winner.  The Wizards!
How would you stack up in a trivia competition?  If you are like me, not so well.  But put me on a team with others who balance my life experiences and interests, well now, that is a horse of a different color!  (By the way, what movie made that line famous?  Yep!  The Wizard of Oz)
I’m excited to announce the very first Warder Literacy Center Trivia luncheon!  11:30 AM to 1PM on April 26th at the Courtyard at Marriott in Springfield, Ohio.  We are calling it the Trivia Team Challenge.  Teams of 4 will compete against each other through three rounds of seven questions to win the Trivia Team Challenge Trophy!  Throughout the event, participants and spectators will win prizes through a random drawing.  Everyone who registers ahead of time will get a box lunch.
You can register by calling 937-323-8617, emailing or stopping by Warder Literacy Center at 137 East High Street, Springfield, Ohio  45502.  Teams are $250 and spectators are $20.  Warder Literacy Center/ CCLC is a registered and approved nonprofit in the State of Ohio.  Its mission is that everyone beyond 10 years of age reach functional literacy.
Hurry!  The deadline is April 19th!
Oh, answers to the questions!  Alfred was born in Wantage and the capital of Indonesia: Jakarta.