7 Tips to Improve Your Workout

By Pat Frock

1. Make small changes gradually.
If your goal is to go from never lifting weights to bench pressing 200 pounds, start training gradually. Begin by testing yourself to see where you are and increasing your weight 5% a week.

2. Ask for Help
Book a session with a personal trainer to clear up confusion and prevent injury. Trainers and instructors are there to help. Most good trainers won’t charge you to answer a few questions.

3. Schedule it
Early morning exercise is a great way to fit a workout into a busy day, and it may encourage healthier eating and more movement throughout the day. If early morning isn’t for you, get it on the schedule when you can get there.

4. Think differently about what exercise is.
If your resolution is to simply be more active and burn more calories every day, there are plenty of ways to achieve that goal. Park far away from the entrance, do extra household chores, volunteer to shovel the snow! Any extra things you can do that isn’t sitting or lying down is a step toward better fitness.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Scale Back
You don’t need to be doubled over in pain to have a good workout. Some people love intense workouts, for others it just makes them dread exercise.

6. Get a partner.
Whether it is someone meeting you for a class or spotting you in the weight room. A partner helps keep your intensity up and makes you more compliant with your plan.

7. Be Aware
Once the excitement of the resolution wears off it is easy to justify taking a few days or weeks off that can lead to a lengthy break. Vow never to be off your plan more than a week.