Clark County tightens up during COVID-19 pandemic

The Board of Clark County Commissioners is cutting $4.7 million from its general fund budget to deal with anticipated sales tax revenue losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is a difficult time for so many in our community, and it’s no different in local government. We’re making proactive and practical decisions to reduce the long-term impact this could have on our team members and the residents they serve,” said commission president Melanie Flax Wilt. “Other county leaders have expressed a willingness to work with us to find creative ways to adapt and be resourceful, so we can provide essential services while being responsible stewards of tax dollars.”

The savings will be realized through the following cuts:

  • Immediate hiring freeze.
  • No trainings, travel, or education reimbursement (unless already commenced).
  • Essential purchases only.
  • Review budgets to determine where possible 20-25% cuts could occur.
  • Document all COVID-19 expenditures and submit for reimbursement.
  • Freeze all Capital Improvement Projects or equipment purchases (unless already commenced).

The Commission will also furlough employees in their general fund departments for 80 hours, which will be spread out over the year. This is equivalent to the 10 paid holidays remaining in 2020. The furloughs will save the county about $370,000. Other cuts to the general fund will save about $700,000.

“Each elected official will make the determination about whether or not to furlough employees in their office,” Flax Wilt said.

The county’s rainy day fund currently sits at $6.3 million.

“The emergency funds will certainly come into play as the situation becomes more dire, but we can’t deplete our reserves before being prudent with cuts,” Flax Wilt said.

All Clark County buildings will remain closed to the public through May 1 per Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s Stay-at-home order. Many departments are offering services through telephone or e-mail. For more information, log on to