COVID-19 Community Testing Clinic Results

Springfield, Ohio – Last month, in partnership with the City of Springfield, the Clark County Combined Health District (CCCHD) hosted three COVID-19 community testing clinics throughout the county.

The first clinic was held on July 8th at Hayward Middle School. 475 people were tested and 1.3% were found to be positive for COVID-19. The second clinic took place on July 15th at Perrin Woods Elementary School where 906 people were tested. Of those, 4.1% were found to be positive. The third was a drive-thru clinic in parking lot of the Burnett Plaza on July 22nd. 897 people were tested and 2.1% were found to be positive. Additional data from the testing clinics may be found here

“We are happy to have had the opportunity to partner with the City of Springfield to provide free COVID-19 testing in our community. In addition to social distancing and masks, testing and tracing are crucial strategies to slow the spread of this virus,” said Charles Patterson, Clark County Health Commissioner.

Individuals who tested positive were contacted by phone and all necessary contact tracing was completed. Those who tested negative, received either a text message or phone call based on their preference selected at the time of testing.

CCCHD is reassessing its testing procedures to ensure results will be given in a timely manner and

are working with partners to provide additional testing clinics in the near future. Until then, alternative testing sites may be found here