Friends in the Fight Breast Cancer Awareness

In October we ran a Breast Cancer Awareness Program we called Friends in the Fight.  We asked for nominations of those that are currently in the fight of their life or someone that is a survivor of breast cancer and then from those nominations we would pick one and make her day special with a gift package of her choice.

We chose Diana Fager as the recipient of this make her day package and provided her a $100 gift card to her favorite restaurant on behalf of Terri Bowermaster, her friend that nominated her.

Diana has had more than her fair share of cancer in her family’s life.  In November of 2006 her eight year old son was diagnosed with inoperable brain tumors and the family spent Thanksgiving that year in the Children’s Hospital.  Two months later Diana herself was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She and her son had to take chemo treatments together.  The good news is 11 years later Diana and her son are still with us.  The outcome was not the same for her husband who was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 and passed in 2015.

When Diana is asked about how she is able to get through all that life has put on her plate she simply states “I had to pull up my big girl panties, say to myself, I’ve got this and maintain a positive attitude., I  say my prayers and believe that God has me in his hands.”

Terri said the following ” I have never met a more compassionate and giving person than Dianna.  She is the first one to help or give when someone is in need. She places family and friends before herself.  I am honored to call her friend.  I hope that she will be considered for the Breast Cancer Survivor make her day package because she has stayed strong, positive, and upbeat no matter what has been thrown her way.”