Winners of the 2019 Golden Leaf Awards (L-R):  Derek Snowden, Michael Brassfield, Jennifer Lemmons, Janie Gearhart, and Ginny Martycz of Clark County JFS

Developmental Disabilities of Clark County is announced the winners of the second annual Golden Leaf Awards during a luncheon on Wednesday, October 16.

The DSP Excellence Golden Leaf Award Winner is Janie Gearhart. Gearhart was recognized for working with people with developmental disabilities for 33 years, and being an excellent supervisor, leader, friend, and mentor. She is known for having an exceptional amount of patience, and for consistently going the extra mile when caring for individuals.

The Donnis Bailey Self-Advocacy Golden Leaf Award Winner is Jennifer Lemmons. Lemmons has been a member of the Self-Advocacy for You group for six years, volunteering for a variety of activities such as Toys for Tots at the Salvation Army, and several car washes. She recently traveled to Washington. D.C. with the TAC CEO to advocate on behalf of people with developmental disabilities.

The Rosemary Paxson Golden Leaf Award Winner is Derek Snowden of InDistress. Snowden’s willingness to share his many talents. skills. and time has helped individuals with developmental disabilities learn marketing and business skills, including soft skills to aid them in being successful in a work environment. He has helped many young adults explore their interests and grow toward a community job.

The Champion City Employer of the Year Golden Leaf Award Winner is Clark County Job and Family Services.  JFS is recognized for embracing those who are different from themselves, and for their inclusive, quiet, and impactful efforts. They have employed a person with DD for over 20 years, and have made him a part of their family.

The Dr. F.F. Mueller Visionary Golden Leaf Award Winner is Michael Brassfield. Brassfield has been a friend, supporter, caregiver, coach, and advocate for people with developmental disabilities for over 40 years. He has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of individuals in our community, and has given a lifetime of service to assist them in living their best lives.

The Golden Leaf Awards recognize dedicated and community-minded people who have worked to exemplify excellence in inclusion, employment, advocacy, and support on behalf of citizens in Clark County who have developmental disabilities. Nominations from the public were accepted from June through August 15. A Golden Leaf Award was given to a selected nominee in five categories.

Developmental Disabilities of Clark County is a publicly funded agency that empowers people throughout their lifetime to achieve their fullest potential. Developmental Disabilities of Clark County funds and supports the F.F. Mueller Residential Center, adult services, in-home early intervention programs for children, transportation in specialized vehicles, family supports, respite care, and vocational training.  They also offer assistance and training to other providers of developmental disabilities services, including home care agencies, businesses, and independent providers.