Alumni Of Distinction Award

Nomination forms are available for the annual “Alumni of Distinction Award Program” to recognize former students of the Springfield City School District who have made outstanding accomplishments following graduation. Awards will be presented at a public ceremony in April 2019, according to Steering Committee Chairman James W. Bacon.

To nominate a former student for the award, letters of recommendation must be attached to an official form and submitted by November 16th. Nomination forms are available at the superintendent’s office, 1500 West Jefferson Street, the Clark County Library and satellite libraries and the Heritage Center of Clark County. This information can also be found on the school district website:

Nominees not previously honored are still eligible, however updated information should be received by the deadline for future consideration. This program is funded by donations from community businesses, individuals and foundations and is not paid for by tax dollars or school funds.

Alumni receiving the prestigious award must have graduated from SCSD at least ten years prior to being nominated. They must have demonstrated significant achievements in at least one of the following: professional or occupational success; contributions to society; or service to country or other organizations. All recipients must be of excellent character.

This program was authorized by the Springfield City Board of Education in 2005 and is being carried out by the Alumni of Distinction Award Steering Committee. Committee members are Richard A. Umbaugh, Wendy G. Ford, Marianne L. Nave, W. Eugene Barnett, Jr., Wanda Truss, Brian Nott, Bonnie Longo and Superintendent Robert F. Hill.