Remember Our Vets

As many of you already know, there is an effort underway in Clark County to renovate our “Clark County veterans Memorial Park” located next to the newly completed bridge on Fountain Ave. / Purple heart Way.
Turning off Fountain Ave. onto Cliff Park Rd., the park is on the immediate left. The “Vietnam area” situated along Buck Creek is nearly completed and the Park District, myself, Marine Ronnie Coss, and other interested parties are attempting to raise money to complete the park, by asking folks to purchase a commemorative paver (brick) that will function eventually as a walkway through the new park.
The pavers are purposed to recognize veterans and will also be a means for schools, businesses, sports teams, clubs, and other organizations to show there support of Clark County’s Veterans. By purchasing one or more bricks, you will not only memorialize, perhaps, your own service, but maybe a friend’s
service, or a relative’s service, and you will have a personal investment in our local veterans park. These pavers will not fade or wear!
There is a form to complete where you will provide information that will be lasered into each paver.
There are three sizes of bricks available for purchase: 4”x8”, 8”x8”, 12”x12”. You will make out a check payable to the Springfield Foundation, writing “Park Brick” on the memo line.
You will then mail the form and your check to:
  National Trails Parks and Recreation District
  1301 Mitchell Blvd.
  Springfield, OH 45503
Please consider helping out with the renovation of our Park and at the same time acknowledging a veterans service or showing your support.